Friday, November 24, 2006


My truth about this band thus far, I like it too bad I like the concept I like the designs I like the blog , like I posted before they had a lot to say some of the stuff I agreed with some I could not.What I like: the mas designs are beautiful!!
The concepts of these different jungles are cool.
Image nation are an environmentally aware band and has chosen a theme that is current and most important to today’s society. A task that none of the fun bands have yet to take on.Design wise, any one can see the flow and unity in these nine sections, that feeling that the designer/s all agreed on the look of the band the style of the designs, the way all the headpieces link the sections, link the jungles, the designs do give you that native jungle people feel to it.

The use of the COLLAR is a part of mas that has been almost wiped out of modern mas, I welcome it back and love the detailed and aesthetic approach to an old but missed concept.On the blog the designer/s gives us a peep into the camp to see the mas man at work, made in Trinidad, hand painted shields a most powerful argument against those who say nobody going to stand up or sit down to paint this or sew that all day or all month. Carnival is we thing and if we cant do it we dead! China should come to us for mas not we to them shame on those who say and think otherwise….if they call that thinking.

Now I love Carnival and all things that come with it and I for one see noting wrong in telling the competition dey ent ready or that mas is crap or even question the fact if is ah mas dey doing , but come on give jack he jacket, nah man especially when you sitting in the same boat next to the man.

When you go into the heading, “formation background”. I see they took a shot at Mac Farlane , they say “Brian Mac Far lane’s ‘The Washing, by fire and water’. The latter was a poor imitation of Peter Minshall’s 1981 mas ‘The River’. ‘The Washing’ originally catered for 1500 masquders but had to settle for 800 players on the road, that number reached only by giving away some costumes.”

Now come on man it ent no lie anybody who know anything about Mas History knows the Washing was a River remix, or at least influenced by the River of 1981, but was it poor? I don’t think so it like the River, for me was a most refreshing and welcomed concept in a carnival when the old master walked away ( I dare say turned his back) from for a while and the formula of poison ran mas into the ground.They always say if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones and while the name change the presentation of 2p’s was also a Minshall remix, Colourseum infact looked as if it was cut out of Minshall’s 1994 band “THE ODYSSEY” headpiece cape and all. But I eh saying it was not good. Cause it was. They also mention the legend of George Bailey me another page out of Minshalls book, because if I am wrong Jungle Fever a MINSHALL presentation of 1981 was called a tribute to the same George Bailey...(see how history repeats itself...hmmmm)As a matter of fact the only problems I have with this bands is probably the designers trade marks, the beautiful shield/standards and the style of head piece that are similar to last years. I don’t know if the standards were used last year because I did not see them on the road but they were in the designs.

but any how ,the sections i like are these i hope they provide better pics.

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