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I’ve taken a while to comment on the FR only because like an actual revolution this band for me seems to be a most confusing presentation.
Revellers are the defending band of the year winners, a title they deserve but a title I think they will soon loose.

My problem with the band?

Too many designers, too many outside sections that seem so be saying too many different things. I love my mas and T.R. have been defending the culture for years but looking at the web site today reminds me of looking at Poison in the past.
By numbers alone and the mas they play T.R. can always be contenders for the title B.O.D.Y , but this theme is a massive one that could truly revolutionize mas if done right.

The French Revolution, does not blend I feel that is always a problem with a band with too many designers or special sections, and while this has not stopped their seemingly growing success, next years presentation could fall short of the top prize if the likes of Macfarlane and his Minshallised style of mas.

As a theme the French Revolution is massive if only because of the many aspects that started it and also the many affects and global events that it triggered off.
One of which was the Haitian Revolution , that triggered off several revolts in the Caribbean , that lead to emancipation……that leads to “we carnival”…what a thing eh!

Like I said design wise the band is as confusing as the actual event some sections being more mas others being more costume than mas, still others like “ house of Hapsburg” that are very stylized yet clearly influenced by the period yet others like “passion for fashion” seem more mas influenced than the fashion of the period itself.

I think T.R. should have looked at four themes within the revolution and build the band on that, controlling how many noble, aristocrat, and royal themed sections the band has.

T.R. is still one of my favourite bands these days, although none of their previous presentations can be considered carnival classics, T.R. have held the fort for mas against the ever growing premium formulated bands.

The top sections in the revolution for me are ………..

House of the Haspburg
Les Aristocrats
Les Fetes Gallantes De Versailles

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