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Golden Heritage a tribute to mas. Is the collaborative presentation between Chris Humphrey and associates and the band Masquerade for Carnival 2007.

Masquerade is a band with a colorful and successful track record this was during the days when Wayne Berkley was at the helm in the 1990’s
Replacing him after he left is no easy feat, but Masquerade got the dynamic duo of Christopher Santos and Gregory Medina to be the creative force since then.

Under this design team the band has done well right up to last year, but the rise of Macfarlane, the return of Minshall , the growing success of Trini Revellers and the damage done by Island People and Tribe, Masquerade’s 2006 presentation of Atlantis did not seem to attract the big band numbers they did in the past .

Last years Atlantis was not the best ever by Masquerade and this too must have played its part in the turn out they received, this year is better, but still not at is best.
Visually Golden Heritage a tribute to mas can be quite confusing without a synopsis of the band on the site to read.

You could not tell what it is all about, however just by the name of the presentation and the name of the sections and a little Carnival knowledge and History, you can tell this tribute to mas is a tribute to the historical elements of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, and/or the greatest bands of the year in Trinidad and Tobago’s long glorious history.

Sections like “Rome” looks at the golden age of Carnival when Copper was an important material used by the big bands of the day it may also be about the 1955 Harold Saldenha band of the year “IMPERIAL ROME”.
Of course when ever copper is mentioned ONE name comes to mind, the late great Ken Morris 1924-1992.

Ken Morris. In 1982 1955 Ken Morris in copper plate

Rome section

Once again this presentation is a tribute to mas, so the section Bucco may not only represent the reef in Tobago, and its influenced on mas but also the 1971 Irvin Mc Williams band of the year “Wonders of Buccoo Reef”

Irvin Mac Williams 1972. Wonders of Buccoo Reef 1971.

Buccoo reef section

In 1967 another legend Stephen Lee Heung , won the band of the year title with “China the forbidden city”
The section China may examine this moment in time when the name Lee Heung came to the fore with his first major title.

CHINA the section.

Africa .

In this current period of time when the when most bands with the exception of Harts seem to suffer from some kind of “AFROPHOBIC” condition (a fear of Africa and positive African themes.).

In Africa Masquerade has brought a section that is both beautiful and original in style.

This also draws attention to the work of arguably the greatest mas man there ever was the legendary George Bailey.

Bailey put the greatness in African mas with his presentations.
In 1957 his bad won band of the year with back to Africa

Again in 1959 he won with “Relics of Egypt” and in 1969 won with “ Bright Africa” making him a true master in the African mas category and bringing to the fore an aspect of
Caribbean culture that and Trinidad Carnival that many band leaders and designers refuse to look at.

Bailey Bright Africa 1969

The band follows in the theme of great presentations of the past, Minshalls “jungle fever”, Berkley’s “secrets of the sky” etc.
In general think it was a well thought out presentation but the lack 0f info on the web site kills the concept.
Designs like “Back to Africa” and “Imperial Rome” seem to be best the band has to offer, but the others seem to get lost in a sea of boredom and costume designs that may need an up grade.

see Caribbean Beat
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