Friday, March 09, 2007

D Wrath of Tutankumhan 2007 King of Carnival.

have been looking at the King of Carnival this year asking myself why is it I don’t like this mas?

And you know why?

Why this mas just don’t make sense?

Wait for it…..

It got nothing to do with Egypt.


Now the Eustace name has a great history in Trinidad Carnival, and the current King of Carnival alone has won more titles than any other Eustace before him, and any other King of Carnival, (except Peter Samuel) period, 8 times.
And with such a track record and a successful design /construction team, Team Eustace still manage to use a formula that has now become boring and unimaginative, but strangely and predictably successful.

Another part of the Team Eustace formula is the K.O.N.F.B. (King Of .New Fun Band) factor, between 1997 and 2007 the current King of carnival has represented, Barbarossa, Legends, Tribe, and now Island People, maintaining that high profile I suppose

Anyway for years I noticed the design of the Curtis Eustace costume was almost built on the same structure for years, no problem if the formula is a winning one why change it?
However, this year these guys got the theme all wrong and I mean ALL WRONG!

Long gone are the days when to be judged as a King you had to stick to your theme, now ok yuh mas is fantasy mas , but even the realms of fantasy make some kind of sense.
Now the name of the mas is “D Wrath of Tutankumhan” yes King “Tut” that boy Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, that died young, and some suspect of murder.

So you looking for an Egyptian theme eh?

The closest thing to Egypt in the mas is the drugged up looking cobras that surround the massive boy Pharaoh, come vampire bat bent on revenge.

Hear the commentator on the Toronto lime footage .

“…back from the dead having been killed at the age of 17, and confused whether or not he was assassinated and came back with vengeance and wrath.”

Confused is right, the poor king does not know he came back a bat?
A bat chained to cobras at that.

Has team Eustace fallen to the “fun band virus” that destroys all understanding to the term theme, and now designs ah mas before a theme is given to it?

Or was this King costume the original King for Tribes 2007 presentation “ Old time something come back again”?

I some how feel the latter is the answer cause this giant devil bat could not pass for a dead Pharaoh in a sci-fi flick, however as a Tribe King it would have been perfect, I wonder what the hell the Judges were thinking, is it so easy to baffle them with a bullshit synopsis like the one given about confusion and wrath?

Is this title King of Carnival now given to just the biggest and most colourful costume on the night, with not one thing to do with theme, sprit of carnival etc?


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