Friday, May 04, 2007

Devils, Angels, and Machel Montano

ver the past couple weeks a lot has been said about Machel Montano…let me correct that over the most of Machel’s adult life various things have been said about the one time “boy wonder”.
From his very childhood when the first son of the Soca Matrix sang too young to soca we have been amazed by his genius, but even then people were telling me “that boy spoil”, and while the spoil boy grew up gathering more achievements under his belt it was when he had what for me his first big tune, (I can’t remember the name raise yuh hand or come get it) the rumour that he was in hospital with a condom stuck in his rectum some how surfaced.

I remember thinking, “
black man cyah see black man achieve nutting in this world without trying to pull him down eh?” From then on till now as Mr HD propels himself his culture and his nation “higher than high” it seems that the anti Machel machine works harder and harder to destroy him before he can touch the sky.

We have heard them all
Machel does drugs to pump him up, and bring him down, he does coke too…..Machel is a sexual deviant he loves punching girls in the head and back while he has sex with them ……Machel is gay…….Machel is bi-sexual….Machel sold his soul to the Devil…..Machel uses beats and rhythms that insight violence,” that Toro Toro thing evil, see how they getting orn” Machel beats his mom…..he pompous…he kick a fan in one show…..he proper cuss a fan in another show…..he calling on evil sprits with that Jumbie song, see how dey getting orn? A woman spill some drink on him for on de Tuesday he nearly beat she up, more people spill drink on he or he lady fren in Zen and he and he boys mash dem up…...and have you seen the power point presentation that says Machel is not only a FREE MASON, BUT ONE OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE yuh eh see the number on top he bus?
There is talk about his Mother too, but I wont go there, now I am not a defender of the man, I happen to believe that where there is smoke there must be some fire. I myself was thinking if it is he is “dealing with the Devil” its not a surprise that he doh like getting wet from water or any sprit and like a dragon he have to avoid liquid, and getting wet…..cause when he get wet see how he does get orn…

Any of you out there have a talent, or better yet because I believe we all have talents, a special gift from God? Something that you like others can do but you seem to do it better? If you do then you know it can be like Jay Z said a “
gift and a curse”. Sometimes being the only one can I imagine is quite lonely.

Sometimes talent is the driving force that can almost drive you mad this could be Machel’s problem …..Or it might be us or you that might be the problem …..we come like dem Jews in the Bible one day we jumping and waving higher than high, in support of him and his music, next day we want to crucify him because as a man, he is not perfect, he must not get vex, or tired, or stressed, he must smile with every one, dance with every girl, and keep his problems at home in a box , Machel must always be “
perfect” . Machel like every one of us is a creation of God, like us he is born of a woman, and like us all impure and imperfect, thanks to the Devil himself. So while we line up in the bandwagon to ban his music and hang him up to dry for all his sins, let him or her that is without sin cast the first and biggest stone.
It seems Machel, with his talent and ambitions, to take Soca Global, ….like Icarus is now flying higher and higher while gathering all kinds of Jumbies on his back, and if the heat of the “SUN “come on Sun call it!” does not melt his wings and send him plummeting back to the sea , he may still find it lonely at the top.

……When The Mighty Sparrow sang “TEN TO ONE IS MURDER” was that not about a true story where Sparrow allegedly shot some one ...I wonder if there was an anti Sparrow machine then?

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