Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Notting Hill Carnival is not just another Trinidad type Carnival like others around the world.
Even though it may be in a form of reconstruction at present, in its past the NHC was the platform where Carnival Legends such as Peter Minshall and Wayne Berkley started or established their reputations as the best of their generation, and later on Masters of the art form.

At present the NHC is no longer the hatching ground of legend, it has been years since the streets of London have produced a name that can be recognised as the leader of Generation Next. Instead like other Trini type Carnivals around the world NHC is transforming into the stomping ground of the repeat i.e. if you missed it in Trinidad you can see it here from this band or that.

However in recent time’s one name has been showing up on my radar with reasonable consistency, not because of his big mouth and self promotional campaign to elevate his status as like some pretenders, but because of hard work, and a gradual but consistent improvement in style and reputation, that is beginning to raise eyebrows in London, and overseas.

Shaun Carrington cut his teeth in NHC, form his childhood masquerading with Genesis, from there he designed for RUFF DIAMOND at present, this designer is a bandleader of his own small band B DARK Inspirations in my opinion he is a fine candidate as the true leader of ‘Generation Next’ in Notting Hill and a possible Legend in the making for Carnival world wide.

This year the young designer has designed for 2 other bands besides his own, as far as I know so while he has not won any titles yet his reputation and demand for his work is on the rise.

For South Connections he has designed the sections for DE JOURNEY NOW START. I went to the launch and was impressed by what I saw; next to every design was an image board that contained pictures of the images and themes that influenced the designs. (Now this is a designer) A most impressive presentation, that made no excuses for slavery, and gave an almost accurate yet creative depiction of the period, fashion, and elements that slavery and the slave trade existed in.

An excellent piece of work, this London based Designer is one to watch. With his talent and ability to creatively and originally depict his topics in true mas man fashion, the limit can only be the sky.

I did not attend his own band (B DARK) launch but was informed that he has most creatively used the metamorphosis of butterflies as a metaphor for slavery the cocoon being slavery and the butterfly symbolising freedom as part of a longer story line.
An original concept, from an original designer

Carrington has also designed for the DJ Soca Massive’ band FREEDOM.
There is not much to say these simple slave costumes, fit the theme; the band is more of a casual band so the designs fit the job.

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