Monday, August 06, 2007


We Trinis often feel we 'have it down' when it comes to creativity and Carnival creations, sometimes we look at some designers and wonder how did they come up with that concept?
when i went to school my English lit teacher once said to me "if its one thing you must do in life is travel" and its true, you see and learn so much more when you can leave home and see another part of the world, and experience other art forms that can inspire you to reach higher in yours.

This weekend i took a little break from my work to get some of the summer sun in London town, and am i glad i did, i saw a Mas ....well what i would describe as a Mas , my first sight of them was kind off surreal for me, at a distance i had to blink and look again, this what i would call Dyno-mas, had children and adults alike in awe. The mas man in me made quick references to Macfarlane's King this year, and the possibilities of one day producing something even bigger and better than what i witnessed this weekend.
An old mas man once said to me "if you want to come up with a good Mas doh look at little Trinidad, look at the World is out there you will find inspiration, for your work"

That statement is so true...

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