Thursday, January 31, 2008


POPULAR disc jockey Kewal “DJ Lalo” Ragbir was one of two people killed on the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway yesterday during a three-car smash up.
The crash happened shortly after noon near the traffic light intersection at Trincity Mall.
The other victim was Jacqueline King, of Arima. Their deaths pushed roads fatalities to 17, up to late yesterday.
King’s son Ancy was up to late yesterday listed in critical condition at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.
Police said Ragbir was driving his truck east along the highway when King, the driver of a Nissan Almera, heading west, got a bad drive from another car, which subsequently stopped.
King’s car crossed the median and collided with Ragbir who also struck a light post. There were two other occupants in Ragbir’s truck, police said.
Police and firefighters had to cut through the wrecked vehicles to remove Ragbir and King who were rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, where they both succumbed.
The passengers of Ragbir’s truck were also hospitalised.
Ragbir was among the DJs expected to provide music for the band Legacy on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.
He also provided sound systems, DJ services for parties, Carnival bands, as well as political meetings.
He also participated in music tours, provided DJ services for Miami Carnival and also rented an apartment building adjoining his home, in St Augustine, to students of the University of the West Indies, St Augustine.
Despite Ragbir’s passing, an official at the Legacy Mas Camp said the show would go on.
Shortly after his death, the National Chutney Foundation of T&T, in a release, appealed to drivers to be extra cautious on the roads during the Carnival period. The organisation also extended condolences to Ragbir family. (RHD)
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It seems like every Season the Carnival world has to loose some of its legends before Ash Wednesday. While most of us are swept up with the sights, and sounds, of this celebration of life, liberty, and creativity, we often forget that this sweet life can vanish in a blink of an eye.
Sometimes it seems to me that we are in fact living memories, for when death comes it’s so sudden at times that our existence comes to an end it’s hard to think that people existed at all except for in our minds…

On the radio in T&T at you always hear about arrive alive but on the roads drivers have a different plan…

Seeing the headlines this morning that DJ LALO died in a car crash, brought a flash of boyhood memories to me, growing up in Tunapuna Carnival did not really kick off until the LALO sound system returned from P.O.S. to every young boy interested in DJ-ing LALO was to sounds systems what Callaloo is to MAS, i.e. legendary

In the capital LALO must have supplied music to almost every big band there is, the last being Legacy. When it came to fetes the LALO SOUND SYSTEM played at the biggest if not the best from BRASS, to WASA, and in between LALO was the biggest and the best.

A lot of you out there might have never heard the name saw the face, or danced to the music his system provided, some of you might have, I did.
So I must say fare well to DJ LALO and thank you for the music, as he takes his place in the passing parade.

Mas Assassin.
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