Saturday, September 20, 2008


o we at that point now, most of the big Carnivals have past, with Miami waiting to end the year. Some of the big fun bands in Trinidad have already launched, the global buzz on the internet has already jumped up and come down, some 2009 presentations have already sold out, while others are yet to launch... the action and hype has started and paused, carnivalist globally waiting for the second half of the start of the 2009 season to begin, and I have not added my voice to the chorus yet?

Remember when September into October was when the first set of band launches used to start?

I must be slipping.

But there is so much going on in my life and globally right now, that I have not had the time to really stop and smell the flowers, see the colours, and observe the rapidly changing face of my culture as yet.

Too much going on in the world, the Credit Crunch making mas out of the world’s economic super powers, in London 5000 people lost their jobs just so! The reports say some 40,000 have to follow, and then some more, will I be part of those horrors? Russia and the US seem to be looking at another cold war. Is the United States of America ready for a black president; is this white dominated world ready? Are black people ready? If the USA does put a black man in the white house, what does that mean for black people globally, if only symbolically? Does it mean “we reach!” according to the boss Iwer George? Or does it mean nothing? 

I have recently been looking at the possibility of returning home for good, the UK is great but for my soul and sanity, Trinidad is much better, but how do I know for sure when the time is right?

I can hear home calling me though.

Anyway it is during this lull in the pre carnival excitement, this, coitus interruptus before the creative energy of my people explode once again , that I have found some time to smell the flowers , see the colours, observe the advances is style and design , and add my voice, my views, to the chorus of worldwide critique and celebration.

Armageddon might be around the corner, the end of days might be upon us, but Carnival coming first!

Yes people the Mas Assassin is back, MASSASSINATION is ready to rumble, and Carnival 2009 looks like it going to be an interesting one, to say the least.

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