Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Why Asians should run Carnival.

I saw this in the VOICE news paper website today ... take a read.

Why Asians should run carnival.

BY Dotun Adebayo

IT'S CARNIVAL month again and for the first time in 35 years I'm seriously thinking of giving it a miss – because it's a mess.
It will be a blow to my daughters, who have been to every one since life was breathed into them. But how long can I go on pretending to them that Notting Hill is something to be proud of, representing the struggles of black people in this country, when it is evidently to the contrary?
Carnival has become one big p**s-up for a rowdy contingent of white people and an embarrassment for any black person who remembers what it was about.
Personally, I don't have a problem with those white people who want to get smashed out of their heads at Caribbean-Britons' open invitation street party. But I wonder why they think it's okay to take the p*ss out of a black thing when they wouldn't dream of acting like that at an Asian mela or at the Jewish Hanukkah?
I can't help wondering how different carnival would be if the ‘p**s artists’ were completely banned one year - the black and the white ones.
It is our own fault that carnival culture has lost respect. How do we expect anybody to take it seriously when we can't even make a living out of it?
It's disgraceful that after 50 years, those involved with carnival should still be going with a begging bowl to be funded. It wouldn't be that way if we put the best Asian businessmen/women (and maybe one or two token black and white ones) up there to run it.
Trust me, if Asian guys can make money selling Indian hair to black women, I reckon they can make a bob or two from carnival.
We've tried all the cowboys, now it's time to let the (West) Indians run carnival.

It might seem hard to swallow but I agree with the guy to a point....
do you?
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