Friday, November 20, 2009

Desert comes alive in blaze of colour

LEFT: A band member from the Mirage section at the Sting Nightclub, La Romaine, during the launch of 2K10 Carnival band Mojave Magic.
CENTRE: Desert Sunburst masqueraders dance on the stage
RIGHT: A masquerader from the Yucca section displays her costume during the band launch. Photos courtesy Fireworks Promotions and Trini Fever Crew

The Mojave Desert came alive in a riot of colour at the Sting Nightclub, La Romaine, last weekend, as Fireworks Promotions and the Trini Fever Crew launched their C2K10 presentation—Mojave Magic. The magic began at 9 pm, as people partied to the sounds of Invazion, featuring Naya George and Del Toro. Naya and Invazion performed several hits, including former Road March Trinidad, Carnival is About This, Jumpin in ah Band, Can’t Live Without You and Feeling Good. Denis Vishram, also known as Del Toro, released two C2K10 songs, called Carnival Spirit and J’Ouvert Chant.
Guest DJs Ana, Sean, Marcus and Joel, as well as the Rhythm Crew Tassa group, kept the music flowing as patrons partied the rest of the night. Carib Beer promoters were on hand, giving out bandannas, while the Tequila Girls moved through the crowd promoting the Sauva tequila brand. The Trini Fever Crew’s all-inclusive sections included Yucca, resplendent in lime green, black and silver, and the vivid Desert People in red, white and silver.
Fireworks Promotions’ Desert Sunburst came out in a flash of yellow and gold, while Desert Flora danced across the stage in pink, purple and silver. The Cactus section was a riot of greens and pinks, while the UFO Sighting blazed like the sunset in orange and gold and Mirage flowed across the stage in blue and silver. Sterling Mahase, one of the organisers for the Trini Fever Crew, said: “It was one of the largest launches we have had and everything passed off great.  The turnout was huge and the entertainment was perfect.”
To book costumes, interested parties can visit Fireworks mas camp, 44 Independence Avenue, San Fernando, or call 360-6731. The Trini Fever Crew can be contacted at 682-4783.
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