Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Edmund Hart recovering after prostate surgery

Renowned bandleader Edmund Hart is recovering in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the St Clair Medical Centre after surgery on his prostate.
According to his eldest son, Luis Hart, the masman was transferred from a private hospital in south Trinidad where the surgery was done because the family was not pleased with the medical treatment given to him there.
’We have issues with the treatment... after the operation,’ Hart said in a telephone interview yesterday.
’After the surgery, he was discharged early and he acquired a fever because of an infection.
’I’m totally dissatisfied with the treatment given. It’s only when we brought him to St Clair, we saw a difference. He was put into the ICU.’
Hart said his father was unable to breathe on his own but now he can, adding: ’They have taken him off the respirator. He seems to be making quite a good comeback.
’We hope that he keeps progressing. The response is great at St Clair. All the staff worked hard and I owe them a lot for that.’
Earlier this month, the family had called on the public to donate B-positive-type blood for Hart’s surgery.
The bandleader/designer and his wife, Lil Hart, are probably the most famous collaboration in post-war Carnival.
Their near-30-year partnership, from 1962 to 1991bridged the many phases of modern pretty mas.

Kristy Ramnarine kramnarine@trinidadexpress.com
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