Sunday, January 03, 2010

Double H ...Something New for the next Decade.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and fantastic new year  with all the major big bands launched and costumes revealed all is left now are the road march hits and the massive almost religious return of Carnival lovers to the Mother country of Carnival.
My Christmas was great, the usual elements of food, family, drink, sleep, and happiness, made the Christmas /New Year experience for me one to remember, this year I also met a new friend, a major talent in my opinion, not in Mas, but Music.
Hip Hop to be exact...anyway I was blown away by her very personal  and refreshing style and felt that I would share with you all what was shared with me.
So without anymore ole talk here is DOUBLE H.

Double H Biography
Double H lives for the music. Hip hop, funk, soul, reggae; everything with love, passion, and a contagious drive. She comes from Tilburg and her roots are in Morocco. Together they are an excellent mixture for the unique sound of Double H.

As a teenager, Double H (Hind Hakki, born in 1982) was limitlessly enthusiastic by the “good old” Motown music and American hip hop and soul from the 90’s. She grew up as a Moroccan girl in a multicultural neighborhood in North Tilburg(NL), where, since very young, she came in contact with music. As a youngster, she participated in cultural and musical exchanges in Brazil, Bosnia en Slovenia

These experiences had a great impact on her and partly formed her as a person and as an artist: a strong self-confident personality  and a warm human being.

She started with rap when she was fifteen years old with the Tilburg(NL) hip hop crew The Hill. When this group did not exist anymore, she decided that this was her mission: to translate her inspiration into music. Podium performance, writing songs, and inspiring people is her goal.
In 2005, she and a group of youngsters formed the dancehall/hip hop formation called Exchange. She was the striking front woman/rapper of the catchy funked up, urban reggae vibes-band 2nfro. She had successful performances with this group in a variety of big pop halls. She was also in the finals of Emergenza, and won the final at the Diesel U-Music Awards in London.
She presented in an inimitable way the TV program for youngsters called “Wat nou tv” in Brabant 10. Frequently she is asked to be the hostess of various stages, i.e., Festival Mundial, the Liberation Festival and the Hype event in Pop Centrum 013. She is very involved with young people, giving them workshops and coaching; she is also asked for similar projects by other cultural and commercial organizations.

Double H is the first female MC of the Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg (NL). There she polishes on her talent, develops her skills and works steady and surely on her solo carrier.
She radiates her passion in everything she does. She is social, spontaneous and goal centered but, at the same time, sensible and sensitive. These characteristics are recognizable in her lyrics and in the way she expresses them. She is not afraid to show who she is.
Her new flashing show is full of energy. It is an ensemble of rap and songs which carries you into a swirl of music and emotions. Her source of inspiration is inextinguishable, her musical passion endless. The stage is her comfort zone, the music hall is her home and the public, her family. Prepare yourself for a swinging, gripping, sultry cocktail with a willful receipt!

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