Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bikinis, feathers for ‘India mas’

East Indian themes were a popular choice for large bands participating in the Parade of the Bands yesterday with two presentations based entirely on some aspect of East Indian culture and another two with sections in tribute to the Asian mystique.
Three of these bands passed the judging point at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain by early afternoon, and while some of the details of the costumes in each section were definitely influenced by the East, most of the presentations were the usual feather and bikini mas.

The large band Spice with their presentation the Spice Route was the first band with a mostly Asian portrayal. Several sections in the band, which depicted countries along the route upon which spices were traded in olden times, portrayed Asian countries, with one entitled “Rubies of Mumbai”, a deep red costume with flowing skirts, gold accents and adorned with fake rubies. Tribe’s, The Secret of Silk also featured a section named “Silk of Rajasthan”, similar to Spice’s section, but without the rubies, and with a different headpiece.

Island People took to the stage at the Savannah with their portrayal, “Kuchela” before midday yesterday, portraying the story of a young East Indian girl who came to Trinidad to learn about its culture.

Masqueraders paraded in the hot sun wearing costumes decorated with fake jewels, fabric, feathers, rhinestones and rich colours. According to a timer set up at that judging point, the band took just over an hour to cross the stage. Tribe, with its thousands of masqueraders, also took over an hour to cross the stage. Legacy also went with an East Indian theme with their portrayal, Massala.

Other big bands opted to cross the Savannah stage early with Harts leading the charge with their presentation 50. Trini Revellers paraded soon after with the presentation Festivals of the World.

Harvard Revellers, a new kid on the block, also made an appearance portraying Dazzle.

Pan sides Exodus and Renegades both paraded before the judges at the Savannah as well as some Indian mas bands, and other small bands.
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