Friday, February 12, 2010

Chalkdust has to battle newcomers

Newcomer to the National Calypso Monarch Selvon Noel, aka Mistah Shak, is one of 14 calypsonians heading to Port-of-Spain on Dimanche Gras night on Sunday for the finale of the competition. The 15 contenders draw for positions today. Noel, attached to Kaiso House tent in Port-of-Spain, received the most applause as he sang his hit tune Rogue, dressed in police fatigue at Skinner Park, San Fernando, at the annual Calypso Fiesta on Saturday. The song depicts how Noel protected and served with pride. Also winning a place at the the Dimanche Gras is Anne Marie Cudjoe-Parks (Twiggy), who sang Give Thanks.
While most of the calypsonians poked fun at the PNM Government, Twiggy differed as she gave a spirited performance encouraging the population to give thanks for being blessed. Anthony “All-Rounder” Hendrickson also made it to the finals with his tune Female Life Guard, along with the popular Brian London, who sang A Calypsonian. Carlos James, (Skatie), another crowd favourite with his tune A Cry for Life, also found a place. Devon Seales, Kizzy Ruiz, Kurt Allen, Michael (Protector) Leggerton and Nicole Greaves are also among the finalists.
Veteran distaff calypsonian Singing Sandra proved that she still commands attention with her deep-souled messages when she rendered No Child Shall be Left Behind. The tune also secured a spot for Singing Sandra at the Dimanche Gras. The tune portrayed a heart-rending account of the lives of sexually abused children. Also making it to the finals are Roderick (Chucky) Gordon, Sean Daniel and Winston Scarborough, the Original De Fosto Himself, whose contender is “In a Palace State of Mind.” All fourteen will be doing battle against reigning monarch Hollis Liverpool, aka The Mighty Chalkdust
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