Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fay Ann picks 8

BY VIRTUE of being the reigning Power and Groovy International Soca Monarch, Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez had the first option to pick the positions in which she wants to sing at these two competitions on Fantastic Friday. She did not hesitate.
At yesterday’s draw for positions at CNMG Studios on Maraval Road, Fay Ann chose to perform in position eight for the Groovy competition and position nine in the Power Soca competition. Fay Ann is the only woman in the Power Monarch competition this year.

Three artistes in each category, had the opportunity to pick their positions, having placed first, second and third in last year’s edition. 

FAY ANN SURROUNDED: Reigning bMobile Blackberry International Soca Monarch and Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch, Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez (centre) is surrounded by performers who will be seeking to dethrone her on Fantastic Friday. The artistes are, (from left) Farmer Nappy, KMC, Shal Marshall, Tallpree, Metro, Skinny Fabulous, Ronnie MacIntosh and (kneeling, from left) JW and Blaxx. The photo was taken yesterday at the CNMG studios on Maraval Road following the draw for singing position.

“Water under the bridge,” is what reigning bmobile Blackberry International Soca Monarch and Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch, Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez, called last year’s controversy between her and event organiser, Caribbean Prestige Foundation (CPF) over a clause in the competition contract which stipulated competitors, who placed, were required to pay five percent of their winnings to the CPF.

This year was no different in that after the draw took place, artistes were asked to sign contracts which included the clause. But Fay Ann yesterday said that clause was not an issue this year. “That was straightened out. If it was not, I would not have been competing,” she said.

Meanwhile, two new international Groovy and Soca Monarch chief judges have been selected to take the place of well known calypso judge Roland Gordon who died on January 28.

Josephine Taylor and Roy Edwards are the new chief adjudicators. Taylor said she and Edwards are looking forward to maintaining the integrity and high standard of the competition.

Edwards said he has always been involved in Soca Monarch. “It’s challenging, but at the same time, we are well qualified and competent,” he said.

Groovy Soca Monarch
Position Artiste Selection
1 Ainsley King Bawl Out
2 Nnika Francis Survivor
3 Metro (Michael Pierre) Streets of Trinidad
4 Rikki Jai Barman
5 Patrice Roberts Wuk It
6 Chucky (Roderick Gordon) Jammin Something
7 Shurwayne Winchester Murdah
8 Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez Call Meh
9 Kerwin De Bois & Farmer Nappy (Darryl Henry) Pavement
10 TC (Terencia Coward) Hot Sun & Rhythm
11 KMC (Ken Marlon Charles) Nah Bad Talk Man
12 Zolah (Zoelah Boyde) More Water
13 Lil Bits (Shivonne Churche) Careful

Bmobile Blackberry International Soca Monarch
Position Artiste Selection
1 Daddy Chess (Chester Letang) Ready or Not
2 Tian Winter Soca Rebel
3 TC (Terencia Coward) The Template
4 Shal Marshall & Screws (Stephenson Marshall & Richard Barrington) Police
5 Skinny Fabulous (Gamal Doyle) De Beast
6 Mr Killa (Hollice Mapp) Swing It Away
7 Tallpree (Wilt Cambridge) Wicked Jab
8 Farmer Nappy (Darryl Henry) I Pay For This
9 Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez True Lies
10 Neil Iwer George Party Hard
11 JW & Blaze (Jason Williams & Ancil Isaac Jr.) Palance
12 Blaxx (Dexter Stewart) Zombie
13 Ronnie Mc Intosh & KMC (Ken Marlon Charles) While You Can

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