Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Historic ten wins for Eustace (other reports say nine by the way)

Strong winds toppled costumes at the finals of the King and Queen of Carnival competition on Sunday night, causing disappointment, tears and led one participant to seek medical attention. However, when the chaos, calamity and confusion came to an end, Curtis Eustace portraying Spirit of Mandingo-An African Legend—whipped his nine opponents to capture the 2010 King of Carnival title, while Rosemarie Kuru-Jagessar depicting Waka-Nisha-The Scared Water Bearer, was crowned Queen of Carnival. It was her first victory. Kuru-Jagessar described her victory as “long overdue” while Eustace has created history as the only competitor to capture ten titles—a feat never done before.

Eustace attributed his triumph to his years of experience, stating that he used the wind to his advantage just like a surfer would in water. It was a night of upset and disappointment for veteran mas maker Brian Mac Farlane, who did not retain the King or Queen of Carnival titles. Under dark blue skies, the queens were the first to grace the stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah, starting with Patricia Bailey’s costume, Vegas Showgirls on Stage, which went skating down the ramp due to a strong gust of wind. But as the show picked up speed, so did the breeze, causing Sevel Nicholl’s costume Dame Gwo Bunda, an oversized dame lorraine on stilts, a Brian Mac Farlane creation, to lose its balance. Even Queen Savitri Holassie had a hard time fighting off the breeze as she paraded with her beautiful Jewel Sunbird costume, which was a crowd favourite.

Joan Mohammed came out of her splendid Queen of D’ Desert costume before crossing the stage, as the wind had her going in different directions. The breeze, however, also left several kings buckling under pressure, among them Aaron Kalicharan, whose costume Donhyang Desa, collapsed. Kalicharan, who was assisted by members of his camp, rose to his feet and continued dancing, but threw in the towel due to extreme pain in his right leg. Hobbling offstage, Kalicharan had to seek medical attention. This mishap threw a damper on Kalicharan’s camp, causing all his members to vacate the savannah before the results were announced.
Fareid Carvalho who was also a heavy contender for the crown with his Seid Delirium-D Morroccon Fever costume, also faced the wind’s wrath and had to terminate his presentation, dashing off stage. Leaning against a fence, tears streaming down his airbrushed face, Carvalho had to be comforted by members of his camp. “I am really disappointed. The winds ruined everything,” said Carvalho, unable to contain his emotions. Carvalho said all evening there were strong gusts, which brought no end of worry to him. “Knowing that I am carrying my costume I was up to some problems. But I wasn’t expecting this much trouble. I have to cut my losses and move on.”
Within minutes of Carvalho’s catastrophe, Mac Farlane’s costume, Dragon Can Dance portrayed by Gerard Weekes, came crashing down, as the entire savannah fell silent. The life of the gold-coloured dragon came to a premature end. Having placed first in the preliminaries and semifinal rounds of the competition, the fall left Weekes in a state of shock.

Public relations officer of Mac Farlane’s camp, Maurice Chevalier, said both their King and Queen costumes, valued close to $175,000 were carried by the masqueraders. Chevalier said if the competition was pushed to a later time, the breeze would not have been so powerful.
Queens of Carnival
1 Rosemarie Kuru Jagessar - Waka-Nisha—The Sacred Water Bearer
2 Peola Marchan - Red Sails in the Sunset
3 Anra Bobb - Vision of Fantasia
4 Kay Mason - Sweet Sumintra.
5 Gloria Dallsingh - Wings of Freedom
6 Patricia Bailey - Vegas Showgirls on Stage
7 Sevel Nicholls - Dame Gwo Bunda.
8 Inez Gould - Sorceress of the Ruby
9 Savitri Holassie - Jewel Sunbird
10 Joan Mohammed - Queen of D’ dessert Sun
King of Carnival
1 Curtis Eustace - Spirit of Mandingo—an African Legend.
2 Leroy Prieto - The Masquerader Eyo
3 Roland St George - Fantasma
4 Glen Dave Lakhan - Mystery of the Deep
5 Fareid Carvalho - Seid Delirium-d Morroccon Fever
6 Theophilus Simmons -Tipu Sultan
7 Glen Turnbull - God of Paradise
8 Aaron Kallicharan - Donhyang Desa
9 Ronald Myers - D-Music Man
10 Gerard Weekes - Dragon Can Dance

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