Saturday, February 06, 2010

MacFarlane's King, Queen lead

Proving that he has wicked moves, Gerard Weekes from Brian MacFarlane’s Resurrection the Mas took the lead in the preliminary of the King of Carnival competition with his portrayal, ’Dragon Can Dance’ on Thursday at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

MacFarlane’s queen, Sevel Nicholas portraying ’Dame Gwo Bunda’, topped the standings in the Queen of Carnival competition on the same night. MacFarlane is defending both titles.
The audience of about 500 people clapped enthusiastically as Nicholas took the stage in her costume, which is designed in moko jumbie style with elements of the traditional Carnival character the Dame Lorraine. Not only was the audience excited over the burst of colours when the lights hit the costume, but they cheered as Nicholas pranced on her stilts, earning her 365 points.

Mainly gold, ’Dragon Can Dance’ evoked applause from the audience. Weekes focused on ensuring the judges got a good look at his costume and made a quick exit, earning a total of 345 points.
Two queens had difficulty crossing the stage because of strong crosswinds. Keisha Steeling, who portrayed ’Spirit Of The Drums’, from the presentation Council of the Chiefs by Keith Steeling and Associates, toppled backwards and had to righted by members of her crew.
Things were worse for Tamara Alleyne-Gittens, who fell under the weight of her costume, ’D Morrocan Fan Dancer’, the frame of which contained steel. Although Alleyne-Gittens got up and was able to walk she was placed on a stretcher and taken to the first aid area to be checked out.

According to a member of her crew, Alleyne-Gittens got a small cut on her knee and hurt her back, but was otherwise okay.
Twenty kings and the same number of queens will advance to the semi-finals scheduled to take place on Tuesday at the Savannah.

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