Sunday, March 21, 2010

TIME MACHINE: JULY 14th 1990 Paris La Defense

Who can remember the first time you saw Mrs Monarch no not Fayann  but the female version to the 1987 King of Carnival the Merry Monarch. If you worked with Minshall this was just one of hundreds of fantastic memories, if you played with him or a fan it was moment of great pride as a Trini even greater pride .
It was the Bicentennial of the fall of Bastille, the 14th of July   1990.
Imagine a fete a party with the Merry Monarch, Mrs Monarch, Tan Tan, Saga Boy, Tantanettes Callaloo dancing tic tac toe , The Mantis, Renegades Jean Michel  Jarre and 2 million French people  watching and catching the vibes, and another 60 million watching it all on television.

But that’s enough details and background history here is it is in 10 parts.

Paris La Defense - Jean Michel Jarre The Callaloo Company and Renegades on today’s TIME MACHINE.


Little did we know that that a couple weeks after such an International Triumph  Trinidad and Tobago were going to experience an attempted coup on the 27th of July 1990, an event that locally put this event in the shadows but the memory remains

And everything else is as they say HISTORY! 

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