Thursday, April 08, 2010

He Came He Saw, He Gave the Nod!

Internationally renowned Carnival Legend Peter Minshall paid a visit to the SKULLDUGGERY HQ last night to see just what Peter Samuel and his creative team have been have been up to with their highly anticipated Carnival 2011 presentation, ‘SKULLDUGGERY’ .

According to reports and the Skullduggery Facebook page Minshall approved of what he saw and gave them his blessings and a token of his support a rarely seen photo of him and one of his early designs, from the days Minshall’s Mas performed on the streets of Notting Hill in the 1970’s, before he was a house hold name in Trinidad and Tobago.
On the Fb page Peter Samuel had this to say, “Folks believe me ...that is not me in the photo with minsh, and it is NOT a photo shop either. This is an actual picture that Mr Minshall has passed on to us this evening with all his blessings. As it says, early 70's Notting Hill Gate... this is before the Humming Bird....”

So that’s one tick on Peter Samuel’s wish list for Carnival 2011, let’s see if the great spirit of Carnival grants him about 4 more?
here is that photo.
In the spirit of this Skull Pierrot, Harry the Midnight Robber and the Merry Monarch (He Who Laughs Last), Minshall comes out of the closet to wish Skullduggery the best.

Photographer: Horace Ove
Band: Play Mas Pierrot
Costume: Pierrot of Death
Early 70's Notting Hill Gate
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