Sunday, April 25, 2010

The London School of Samba: "Gods, Myths and Monsters" : Notting Hill Carnival 2010

I see London School of Samba have put the name of their presentation and theme for Notting hill Carnival 2010 'Gods,Myths and Monsters, I like the detailed information they have put out already, one can only imagine what the costumes look like.
If you seek more information take a look at their London School of Samba web site.

Myths are a part of who we are. They explore our darkest fears and desires, and the very best and noble in all of us. The world of Greek mythology is a rich source of symbols, colours, captivating tales, and extraordinary characters that strike a chord with anybody who was ever told a story, or who was ever young and dreamed. Imagine the delight of a small child as he sees in our parade the unmistakable figure of the bull-headed Minotaur, or snake-haired Medusa... Icarus with his great wings, who flew too close to the sun, Dionysus god of wine, theatre and madness, the Titan Atlas, who holds up the world, or Kharon who ferries the dead across the river Styx into Hades... imagine Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love, the nymphs Circe and Calypso, mythical beasts like Pegasus, and Cerberus, the 3-headed dog who guards the gates to the Underworld, wreaking samba through the streets of Notting Hill. Imagine the overwhelming power and awe of the gods as commanded by almighty Zeus, each beat of the surdo echoing in our hearts like thunder...

Presenting, The London School of Samba: "Gods, Myths and Monsters"
London will be captivated by an astonishing display of might and imagination. From the comissão de frente presenting the Gods of Mount Olympus: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Apollo et al... to the bravest, boldest, most disciplined fighting force in all the ancient world, our ritmistas, warriors of Sparta, whose reputation strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents, challenging them to the battle of the batucada... on to the passistas: the Amazons, daughters of the goddess Artemis, fearless warrior princesses led by their queen... and there, rising into the sky from a distance, delivering our coup–de–grâce: that ominous and portentous symbol of Homer’s Iliad, of love and honour, of pride and determination, The Trojan Horse; the London School of Samba will intrigue and amaze the masses — is this an offering to the Gods, or something more sinister? Only our music will tell...
Often with a samba parade the meaning of the costumes and props are lost on the audience. The beauty of this theme is that people are already familiar with it. It wouldn’t involve complex designs - many costumes would rely on a single detail for their impact i.e. Icarus’ wings, Cyclops’ single eye, Zeus’ thunderbolts, etc. Also, traditional samba costumes lend themselves very well to the ancient world — lots of straps and skin, ornate breastplates, gladiator passista shoes, etc. — so our female destaques would fit in very well. An ethereal Aphrodite could provide a challenge for an aspiring body-painter. And in the alas there is plenty of scope for some sexy Medusas, scary Harpies, or fiery Centaurs.
Float: The Trojan Horse — comprised of a very basic structure made to look like wood, with the head being the only complex ornamentation. Who will ever forget a giant wooden horse trundling along Westbourne Park Road? Or it could be the second float, pulled along on ropes by slaves.
Bateria: King Leonidas and the brave 300 of Sparta — imagine the visual impact of 300 (ok, 70) Ancient Greek warriors marching through Notting Hill, a great sea of plumed helmets. Simple costume: cape, helmet and moulded breastplate. And don’t forget that Spartan women were just as formidable as the men — so let’s have a separate design for female bateria costumes. "LSS! Put down your drums!" ... "Paraíso! Come and Get Them!!"

By Chris Bicourt

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