Thursday, May 06, 2010

Masquerade 2000: Notting Hill Carnival 2010. 'The Gift'. Official Photos

Since yesterdays post, M2K have updated their FB page and added some official photos, with more to follow.

Carnival Art
An expression of freedom, a celebration of culture, it is who we are and what we know. Feathers, Gems, Sequins and Braids.
It's the combination of movement, Street theatre, spectacle and opinion. It's the portrayal of a single thought that becomes much more than an idea.
The art often requires a wearer to bring it to life and is classified as "costume".
Carnival art is functional, with the ability to shock, amaze and inspire.
This is our point of view
This is OUR movement


Cultural Artisans : SOLD OUT

Cyber Angels: Adult: £80. Children: £35

Graffiti: Adult: £80. Children: £45

Futurism: Adults: £120. Children:£55

Carnival Arts: Adults £120. Children: £55

Optical Art: Adults £120. Children: £55

Pop Art: Adults £120. Children: £55

Las Lap: Adults £40. Children: £20

There is an Early Bird offer for Adults £10 and Children £5. - Booked before May 31st

Student Price - 15% discount on all costumes deposit/booked before June 15th


Early Bird offer is for members and non-members. Once you have booked a costume using this offer you will not be able to change sections.

Children are classed from the age of 5 - 12yrs the same as the airlines

Students must show valid ID with their picture, year of study and name of college

Deposit 20% of total price of a costume paid in full. Deposits are non refundable.

All Early Bird Offer costumes must be paid by July 31st or costume will be resold

Prices vary depending on Members or Non Member Status.

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