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David Rudder, 3Canal, Skullduggery

David Rudder 3Canal by MAS ASSASSIN

Peter Minshall – ‘The Godfather’

For the past two years, soca bard and the last lead vocalist of the music band Charlie’s Roots, David Michael Rudder, brought the band back together for special shows at Normandie’s Under the Trees’ Carnival programme, much to the delight of masqueraders who played in Mas bands produced by ace Mas designer Peter Minshall.
Roots, Rudder and Minshall have been out of Carnival and the Mas for quite a number of years but for Carnival 2011 they will be back on the road as Rudder and Roots will be accompanying new Mas band Skullduggery - the Dance of Deceit, produced by WOI!, and led by eight- time King of Carnival Peter Samuel, with the blessings of Minshall
Minshall said: “I am the Godfather of the band, overseeing what my children are doing.”

He further explained that deceased Judy Sanchez and himself enjoyed a long loving relationship in the Callaloo company over the years and thought a good way to give back was through her daughter Sonya Sanchez Arias, designer of the new Mas outfit. He said: “I am doing this for Judy.”

On Sunday July 4, at the Anchorage from 5 pm when the Mas band launches patrons can expect to see on stage, Roots with musical director and keyboardist Pelham Goddard, Tony Voisin on guitar, Albert Bushe on bass, Winston Matthews - drums, Colin Stevens - percussions, and hornmen Clyde Mitchell, Joel Bonaparte, Curtis Lewis and Patrick Spicer. In the frontline will be Rudder with KV Charles and Kerwyn Trotman, and later in the season, Roger George will join his counterparts.

On the Mas front, Sanchez Arias, the Trinidadian-born Florida resident intends to bring out some 22 skeletons and skulls in her closets. Namely Vie-ke-vie, Warahoon, Two Face, Soucouyant, Sketelle-ton, Skullzman, Maco, Mamaguy, Movaylang, Jagabat, Horn Chile, Horn, Greasze han', Comesse, Bol'Face, Bamboozle, Blight, Bobbol, Bacchanal Woman and Baa-John.

Said Samuel: “Minsh is very supportive of what we are doing.”

He noted too that a number of masqueraders were tired of the bikini and beads and the fact that almost all the big bands look alike hence the reason, “we are trying to find a niche of our own and not one that was Minshall’s. “Our Mas will be different, new and fresh,” said Samuel.

Also performing at the launch is Rapso group 3 Canal with Cut + Clear.

Samuel also stated that on Carnival Monday and Tuesday next year every person in the band will have a percussion instrument. He said: “Pelham is working on putting down tracks for that. So you are not only going to see the band but also hear it coming down the road.”

The Mas band will be working with the Girl Guides as well as a young artistic group from the UWI Creative Arts Department, along with Earl Patterson and Kenwyn Murray.

“Everything is going to be produced locally. We are trying to bring back creativity in Mas and we are trying to get different people involved with the creative side of the band.The Mas itself is to be taken lightheartedly as it is expected to be humorous and tongue in cheek,” said Samuel who promised that the launch itself is going to be one with a difference.

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