Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Genesis Carnival Company: Notting Hill Carnival 2010: Cyber Tribe

At 30 years old Genesis Carnival co is one of the older mas bands of the Notting Hill Carnival. Founded by the late Vernon Williams the band was well known for its presentations, especially African themes. Genesis has also spawned many spin off bands over the past 30years making it in my opinion one of the more historically important bands in Notting Hill Carnival’s history.
This year as they celebrate 30 years in the game, and have stepped out of the box totally, mixing ancient Egyptian with Watusi tribe, and a technological future?
Source: Face book
Now the thought of such a hybrid theme was exciting, but I had one concern two designers coming from two points of influence might not make the perfect mix. But I think it did. The four sections seen at the launch the Egyptian one stood out the most for me I like the featherless look and the gold winged motif of the head piece although the wings could have been swept back ...in my opinion.
The white section defiantly has that (Gaga) vibe to it; it is a change I like the look. The circuitry and triangular headpiece must represent the cyber in this tribe it is way out there as a concept, but that is what I like about it, it’s is out there a futuristic delight all by itself. The bronze and brown too has a futuristic look about it is it the Watusi of the future?  While some of the costumes seem unfinished to me I think the concept rocks. And I would like to see this new look echoed in the King and Queen.

My informers told me the presentation got mixed reviews from the bands faithful. I can understand why, In 2010 Genesis have taken a different direction, a road less travelled in Notting Hill Carnival, or any Carnival today, it is a daring move, but one I salute and encourage. I hope they push even further in the future, in my opinion Genesis has drawn first blood  this year when it comes to a difference in design and original vision. Cyber Tribe from these photos is not an all out winner but in my opinion a warning to other bands and designers that Genesis just might be the first chapter in Notting Hill Carnival’s New Testament.
I hope this creative combo of Williams & Greaves has a chance to develop in the future and take command creatively in the carnivals to come.

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