Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oasis takes mas higher

Thinking of trying something new for Carnival 2011? Maybe you’d like to play mas for the first time. After all, truth be told, you haven’t lived until you’ve measured the road with a Carnival mas band.
Oasis, a five-section Carnival creation led by Jody Ann Herde, was launched on July 18 at Saute Trinidad and Tobago, held at QRC grounds. From great food served up to tantalise the taste buds of the anxious patrons, to decor that proved appealing to the eyes, and a layout which emphasised that every single detail received attention to ensure the event began and ended on a high note.
Djinn. Photos: Sean Nero
With sumptuous food the order of the day, the venue saw an influx of guests just after 6 pm. Among them, comedy queen Rachel Price, who told the T&T Guardian she’d come in anticipation of having sushi but was too little, too late. On the tasty culinary list was bake and shark, gyros, pelau, sweets, roti, chinese cuisine, and souse. Lines stretched as many savoured the taste, coming back for more as the evening rolled on.
Striving to define our people
The unveiling of Oasis came just after 8 pm, and the media were privy to a pre-presentation briefing of the band’s main goal and priorities heading into the 2011 season. “Our primary goal in creating the band was to indeed be an oasis for masqueraders who had gotten lost in the desert of large, impersonal mas bands,” said Herde.
She highlighted that Oasis seeks to define the people of this country as Trinbagonians through the designers’ striking presentation of elements. “It is a premium all-inclusive band that features a variety of elements, which will ensure that we continue to raise the standard of our Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago to superior heights. Our band is dedicated to quality, to ensure we create the ideal road paradise,” said Herde.
According to the bandleader, Oasis was born out of Carnival 2010 and seeks to provide a personal family-like experience for its players. The five sections, Golden Eagle, Kolibrie, Gilia, Ghost Flower and Djinn, will amass to only 1,000 masqueraders on the road next year. From hues of the sun to the aquamarines of the Caribbean Sea, each section exemplified the beauty that exists in T&T, causing mas lovers to emit impromptu shrieks of excitement when the models took the stage at around 8.30 pm.
Get ready to wine!
The beauty of any band’s costumes is usually enough to get folks on board, but according to Herde, there is much more to thrill the fun-seeker in their 2011 presentation. “Our masqueraders’ enjoyment, comfort and security are our top priorities. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our revellers will receive an intimate premium all-inclusive experience.”
Herde said anyone playing with the band will enjoy an efficiently staffed premium bar, delicious meals, music provided by top DJs and above all, room to wine. Stage side, the beauty of each section modelled, was lapped up by the crowd, and even though it was another “bikini and beads” band, those in attendance couldn’t shy away from the reality that there was something mystical and sexually enticing, beyond the ordinary that emanated from atop the stage.
The event climaxed just after the presentation, with a performance by International Groovy Soca Monarch, Shurwayne Winchester and the band YOU. So now you know, and if Oasis sounds like the cream of the crop to you as we head into the season of revelry, link with them by calling 48-OASIS.

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