Friday, August 20, 2010

Showtime gone GREEN for Carnival 2011

Green’ mas from Showtime for Carnival

SHOWTIME Trinidad will launch its Carnival band and Eco-Drive on Sunday at Club Zen, 8-11 Keate Street, Port-of-Spain, from 6 pm. Their Carnival 2011 presentation is 007 Colours of Green: Our Mission, Save the Environment.

A Showtime media release explaining the philosophy behind the presentation states: “Trinidad and Tobago has recently experienced some of the most unusual trends in the weather. We are by no means unique as countries across the Caribbean have also experienced extreme weather conditions.
“Meanwhile, countries from the rest of the world have also had erratic weather patterns. Patterns that include extreme heat, cold, flooding and tsunamis, just to name a few. This has a great impact on ecology, food security, bio-diversity loss through the extinction of species and energy dependence for countries in the medium to long-term. Projections from the scientific community also predict that some countries will be more negatively affected by the effects of global warming than others.

“Unfortunately, developing countries like Trinidad and Tobago are most vulnerable to these effects, and as such, the need to address this issue is a matter of urgent concern. Although home to about 1.2 million people, Trinidad and Tobago has registered one of the highest levels of greenhouse emissions in the world per capita.

“Showtime has seen the need to increase knowledge about the effects of global warming. In addition, the need to get every citizen to understand their personal responsibility in mitigating the effects about this phenomenon is critical. We will use our 2011 Carnival Presentation as a platform to:

• Increase awareness about global warming, but also to improve individual action in this area.

• We will also develop a television programme educating the public about the environment and a recycling pilot project initiative.

• Upon entry at our Carnival Band and Eco Drive Launch, which is now being dubbed “The Green Carpet Initiative”, you will be asked to sign a scroll to pledge to reduce your carbon footprint.”

The mas band has already started an environmental drive and assisted in Sand Splash, a beach clean-up at Mayaro Beach last June 6. Officials say their aim is to “re-ignite and re-introduce the tradition of social consciousness in the Carnival space”.
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