Sunday, September 05, 2010

Images of Notting Hill Carnival 2010

Trini Hill
Last week Monday the streets of west London once again were taken over by the sights and sounds of West Indian  culture Carnival in Notting Hill came to England via Trinidadians  that migrated  to England  in the post WW2 period. In January of 1959 the first carnival event was held at the St Pancras town hall  in central London, this event was organised by the late Claudia Jones and was to be a symbol of defiance against  the raciest elements of the then British society. By 1964 a children's parade organised by one Rhaune Laslett was supported by legendary panman Russ Henderson who made a tour of the Notting Hill area drawing out all the local West Indians with the sound of sweet pan, and so the Notting Hill Carnival was born and still lives today.
Here are some photos and links to other images of the festival this year enjoy the sights.
CHAOS and Drinks were flowing
Addicted section Chaos...
Jamming from start to finish.
Chaos on the march.
they took over the streets...
serious jamming in the middle of the confusion..
beauty in the Chaos..
PALANCEING  and repping.
warriors in confusion .
Cocoyea beauties
COCOYEA did not lack beauty.
This wine is for you!
A moment of calm in the middle of  all the confusion.
mangrove girls were there too...
beauty in abundance Cocoyea was sweet! 
This year the assassin played a mas in Cocoyea, in Addicted's Chaos section, it was GREAT!!
Chaos girls...
If you want to see more images of  Notting Hill Carnival 2010  check out CWGB  they got some sweet shots.. 
I will keep you updated as I find more....
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