Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mas Jumbies : Bourgeois: J'Ouvert 2011

Trinidad Carnival  will see Brian Wong Won's MAS JUMBIES  presentation of  'Bourgeois' hit the streets in fine style  for J'Ouvert 2011. For the past four years Mas Jumbies have been entertaining masquerades and spectators alike with some of the most creative original, historic inspired presentations seen in the 21st century to date. 
 J'Ouvert 2011's Bourgeois will follow in this modern tradition. Bourgeois is inspired by the pre-emancipation carnivals of the French plantation owners of the period (1783-1805). These pre-lentern  celebrations were exclusive to the upper and middle class French and did not include that of the African slave population, except for the privy talented few who entertained the Bourgeois at their exclusive events...

The band is made up of 7stylish sections, take a look and take your pick.
Les Dames de Bordeaux
Les Dames Vertes
Negue Jardin. Avaiable in both Male & Female versions. Crocus Bag included.

Negue Jardin (Male)
The Gentlemen of Bourbon
Les gentilshommes d'Orange (The gentlemen of Orange)
Since 2007 Mas Jumbies have dropped these jewels on the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.
Will you be a Jewel of the Bourgeois in 2011?
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