Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bottlecap Jewelry

crown capsImage via WikipediaI was telling a friend recently that as a Trini you came from a very creative society there is almost nothing that was not once recycled  into something else or used for another purpose other than what it was originally intended for. This was true for me as a child, my uncle taught me to make a wind up toy out of candle a bobbin a rubber band and a matchstick. At school we made table mats and bags from toilet and napkin rolls,flowers from soft drink bottles, jewelry from coconut shells and other seeds, we were just creative people.
Such creative flair was also common in the realm of Trinidad's Carnival ex slaves used old rope to make wigs to play 'Indian mas', Dragon Mas too was made up of bottle caps to make scales etc, from paper mache, to wire bending and copper beating,  like they say necessity is the mother of invention. These are the thoughts and memories come to mind when I look at the fantastic works of Yoav Kotik who uses bottle caps to make jewelry, ...expensive jewelry too. Imagine what we could be producing if Trinidad focused on its local talents and what it could produce instead of outsourcing to India and China, denying  ourselves any chance to develop T&T's home grown talents in exchange for wealth of the elite few,Anyway enough of  the rant check this cool stuff out and if you can IMAGINE....                                                                                    
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