Sunday, November 14, 2010


International Film Fest
 South Africa.
The Dalton Narine documentary on Trinidad and Tobago's  internationally acclaimed  costume designer Peter Minshall, entitled 'Mas Man', has won two more international film awards over the weekend.
New York Int  fIlm fest.
At the International  film festival South Africa, 'Mas Man' won the 'Best Documentary' award. Narine,  could not be in South Africa at the time to collect the award because he was in Hollywood for the Los Angles Film Festival that started on Friday, he was also their to collect the award for the 'Best Short Documentary' from the New York International Film Festival.

In a message to  Peter Minshall and 'Mas Man' fans world wide  Dalton Narine  paid tribute not only to Peter Minshall  and Trinidad and Tobago, but also gave thanks to a still growing Peter Minshall fan base called the 'Peter Minshall Mas Fans' on face book, and also identified the possibility that there is more in store for the widely acclaimed documentary. Narine reports,
" In my speech, I paid tribute to Trinidad and Tobago,  Peter Minshall  and mas fans everywhere. The entire affair was recorded on film for  the International Film Quarterly, a trade publication, and the New  York International Film Festival.
Mas Man get it now!
Thanks to your facebook page and ALL the fans, for whom this award is  dedicated, the story about Mas Man Peter Minshall has grown  exponentially in the past nine months, and I appreciate the support  from all quarters. Of course, many thanks are due to Peter Minshall,  Todd Gulick, interviewees in the film, The Callaloo Company, the  production crew, particularly Benedict Joseph and Eduardo Sui,  Trinidad and Tobago Film Company and local media.
Meanwhile, I've been approached by several distribution outlets, a few  in New York but most in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, Calif.
It amazes that so many honchos in the independent film community are  aware of the film and its success. So, I've decided to sign with a  distribution company, which has developed a marketing strategy to mine  the film's potential and advance its possibilities.
As soon as the Hollywood award reception photos become available,  they'll be forwarded to Facebook, TTFC and Trinidad and Tobago media.
Dalton Narine"
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