Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jacqui portrays elements of life

The Element of Water. Photos:Tony Howell
The House of Jacqui children’s band presented its C2K11 offering, Elements of Life, on January 8 at the Skiffle Bunch Pan Theatre on Coffee Street in San Fernando. According to local fashion icon Jacqui Koon How: “Everything that affects life is an element and the concept for the band came from my grandson Joshua Regrello. “There are the regular elements such as earth and water. We went a step further and added love and tradition which is an important element because we need to understand where we came from before we can move forward.”
Koon How added that this was the 17th year since the band was formed, and what made it unique was that it had entered competitions throughout the country—San Fernando; Marabella; Gasparillo; Barrackpore; Couva; Claxton Bay; Arouca and Port-of-Spain. “In light of the present economy the costumes are priced at less that $600, which includes transport and refreshment,” she said. Elements of Life will also be displayed at the Village Plaza, Pleasantville on Saturday, and Gulf City Mall, La Romaine on January 22. Anyone interested in registering can visit the mas camp at 60 Irving Street, San Fernando or call 652-1965/ 752-1592.
Elements of the Sun (yellow)
Element of Love (pink)
Element of Water (blue)
Element of the Sea (blue and green)
Element of the Earth (brown)
Element of the Tradition (red)
Caption 1: The Element of the Sea .
Caption 2: The Element of Sun.
Caption 3: The Element of the Tradition on show from the House of Jacqui 2011 presentation.
Caption 4: The Element of Earth.
SOURCE: Catherine Copeland
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