Sunday, February 13, 2011

OVERTIMETT Interviews Stephen Derek.

This is the most eye opening Stephen Derek interview I’ve seen in a long time.  I have to give the people at OVERTIMETT.COM kudos for the foresight applied in interviewing one of the few living producing band leader/ mas men whose name is called in the same group of legends such as Minshall, Berkley, Bailey, and LeeHung.
Stephen Derek
Stephen Derek born in 1952 is the absolute mas man he designs and constructs his works and is without a doubt a cultural ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago as he has taken mas and the art form of mas around the world. In this interview Derek not only talks of his band and his contribution to mas over the years, but he also criticises the current crop of “band leaders” and bikini bands that he calls “two piece and fries “, he also
mentions some critical truths about those that market the festival to shores outside Trinidad.
Once again, kudos must be given to for providing a fantastic interview with a living legend of the carnival art form mas.

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