Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bacchanalia Present: ALTEREGO: For Notting Hill Carnival 2011

Bacchanalia - a London Notting Hill carnival band dedicated to bringing you the best possible carnival experience - all year round! Bacchanalia was incepted in 2005 as a fun mas band and have evolved into a full costume mas band. We are a small team focused on bringing you a package unlike any other. Small, intimate, focused on detail and customer service - and most importantly keeping it real.

The bandleaders for Bacchanalia are Kelly and Andrew Rajpaulsingh - both who have been involved in carnival for over 18 years and are dedicated to keeping the carnival culture alive and improving. We want to raise the profile of carnival and all the elements associated with it - from what carnival is to making the mas, the history of carnival and the true mas men of our generation, costumes and more...
For the hardcore carnivalists in Bacchanalia, this is what you been waiting for: PREMIUM LEADER (FRONTLINE COSTUMES) WILL BE OPEN FOR VIEWING AND BOOKING FROM 9PM at the launch on Saturday. Deposits for all costumes :premium sections and premium leaders are £80. When it gone, it gone.... for tickets to the launch of the season!!
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