Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hidden Transcripts: The Black Superhero project

I am often going on and about the fall in the standards of mas and the inability of this present crop of designers to grasp or stick to themes, because there is much more to these traditions than simply tradition. In past post I have asked readers, be they masquerader, band leader or designer to understand the power in the art form and respect it, don’t water it down making us a voiceless people in the process.

In the past I have spoke about hidden transcripts in mas , and the use of such transcripts to communicate to the masses, I have too decoded themes, and pointed you in the direction some themes are going or could have gone, if the designers put their minds to it or understood what they were doing.

There is a series on you tube called ‘The Black Superhero project’ in it the poster decodes almost every superhero imaginable and Identifies the root or source of such ideas and concepts, now any one can argue that these are his/hers opinion, but it’s hard to deny that he got something there.

In the days to come I will be posting two episodes of this series a day on massassination for all those who want to see just how far the ‘rabbit hole goes’ and what an impact conscious or subconscious these concepts and narratives have on us , this is a power that mas once had an influence beyond the service that is offered today by mas bands, if you have eyes to see, you might understand that the message i the greatest service you can give.

Enough of this babble check out the ‘BLACK SUPERHERO PROJECT

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