Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LONDON SCHOOL OF SAMBA: NHC 2011, "Ze Malandro and the Forty Thieves"

designed by Fred Turka.

The London School of Samba’s presentation for Notting hill carnival 2011 is called the ‘Ze Malandro and the Forty Thieves’ the launch was on the 8th of May, but details on the theme and the designs are available on their website.

The theme is a fantastic one, influenced by stories such as ‘The Arabian Nights’, Sinbad the Sailor Aladdin and Ali-Baba and the forty Thieves, this story according to LSS is

“the tale of Zé Malandro, who, straight from the backstreets of Rio de Janeiro, finds himself lost in a world of exotic spices, colourful silks and Islamic astrology. Intricate geometric patterns, hourglasses and magic lamps lead the imagination to desert sands, oasises , nomads and minarets, viziers, genies in bottles, flying carpets, scimitars, Djinn, beautiful princesses, riddles, and hidden treasure”


With 26 years of history in the N.H.C it seems like it was not until the late 1990’s that the samba schools started making a serious impact on the streets of the Notting Hill Carnival now you can’t google Notting Hill Carnival and not see photos of the samba schools dominating at least the top 10 spots in images, like I always said you can’t beat the Brazilians at their own game. The profile of the Samba Schools are undoubtedly on the rise as the creativity and numbers of mas bands seem to be on the decline for various reasons.

Take a look at some the sections, the designs by Marianne & Nicola of Vortex Creates there is much more to their mas than the minimal formula even we are still minimising on.

Comissão de Frente


Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira

Last year with their presentation of ‘Gods Myths, and Monsters’, the LSS came second in the Samba School category and 4th overall, and that’s out of 42 bands according to their website, truly a force to reckon with.

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