Friday, May 27, 2011

Paraiso School of Samba: 10 Years of Paraiso, for N.H.C 2011

Comissão de Frente

Paraiso School of Samba is a dance percussion band that have been parading the streets of Notting Hill for 10 years now, and with that in mind Paraiso’s theme for Notting Hill Carnival 2011 is ‘10 years of Paraiso.’ Last year Paraiso were voted by judges to be the best large band on the road and the best Samba band, which in my opinion makes them the 2010 band of the year, and this was not the first time for them either they first did the damage in 2005 the first Samba band in the then 41 year history of the N.H.C. to do so.


Passista (male)

This year Paraiso celebrate 10 fantastic years of existence in the Notting Hill Carnival,10 meteoric years when you look at the track record in comparison to that of West Indian Bands some of which have a much longer history.
Paraiso also boast on their site a fantastic claim

“The newspapers voted overwhelmingly for Paraiso - 80% of all carnival pictures in the national and London papers were of Paraiso”

The Voice 2009.

The London Paper 26 Aug 2008

So if one Samba band can claim 80 percent of carnival coverage by the press , who gets the other 20 percent?

There are lessons to learn people.

My question is what exactly are the West Indian based bands learning if anything at all?

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