Wednesday, May 11, 2011

R.I.P. Allyson Hennessy:

Allyson Hennessy.
If you were growing  up in the 80's like me, and went to a Juniour Secondary like me (evening shift), Allyson Hennessy would have been of your morning Monday to Friday before you went to school, on the morning programme Community Dateline. Watching her on TV every morning befor I went to school she was almost to me, a member of the family, a familier face and voice that filled the house after everyone else went to work leaving me at home alone.

When  she was not informing me on what was going on in Trinidad during the week she was for me  the voice of Carnival , adding another dimension to the Kings and Queens , or Pan sides, as they crossed the Savannah stage, I felt I could at times close my eyes and see the mas through her commentary, up to this year I admiringly watched her. If Trinidad ever had a Queen of Telivision for me it was Allyson Hennessy.
I had the oppertunity to meet her a couple of times outside Smokey and Bunty as an adult, my impression of her was that she was as nice in person as she was on TV.
Thanks for the memories Allyson Hennessy you were the best that ever did it.
Rest in Peace.
Allyson Hennessy

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