Friday, June 24, 2011

On the message of design.

“Anyone who bothers to be creative and does not necessarily tell the story is probably doing a huge disservice to the world...we definitely want to hear the stories behind the’s definitely an integral part in my opinion of any piece of art work”

I love it when a globally recognised name expresses opinions and views that I myself hold. In a lot of mas bands today designers bang designs together for any theme, there is no research behind the concept except for what has been done by someone else, or what was popular in a previous year.

As a result those of us with a trained eye often squirm at the sight of these imitations; costumes stuck together like Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein with no thought or creative expression behind it.

It seems many contemporary designers are strictly influenced by the designer next to him/her regardless if that designer they follow knows what they’re doing or not, and so we look at the mas on the road and ask questions, what is the story behind it, what does it mean, what does it represent, what is it?

The passing of legend Wayne Berkley seems to bring us yet another step into a creative void that Trinidad carnival is becoming. Mas as a form of artistic expression and social transcript is becoming more and more about branding and commercialisation where originality is an afterthought and copycatting formulas is the creativity of the day.

This year already the first band to launch its 2012 presentation for Trinidad features costumes that seem to be drawn from the same template as a Notting Hill carnival band for Notting Hill 2011. What is the story behind that? What was the creative journey the designer/s took to reach that point? What in researching the theme influenced the look of finished product that while not connected in theme seem to be connected in design and influence?

Here’s that Pharrell interview...
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