Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RAIN: Let the Battles reign, let the fires burn...

Fela goes to the spirit world to ask  his mother for permission to leave Nigeria because of all the injustice and violence he suffers under the Government.

I love the message in this song let the battles reign let the demons cry let the fires burn, this video shows the end of a song that tells the story of a warrior (Obalogun) who does battle with some ferocious demons that kill with their screams. Obalogun blocks his ears with dirt and he embraces them bursting into flames destroying them, and cleansing the earth. His mother, the mother of the gods Yamaha then cries tears of pride and pain that flood the earth putting out the flames and brining rebirth to the earth.
A chance for a new beginning.

The bottom line is that in this life as individuals we have to face hardships and battles we may not want to face, but by going through them these experiences can make us stronger, we learn things about ourselves we may not have known, through these life battles we are reborn...

So too the mindless rioting, looting, and violence that London has experienced in the past 4 days while destructive and frightening expose a problem that not only London but England has.

However this has been overlooked by Governments, communities, and households alike, from this mayhem the UK has a chance to see itself without the blinds of pride and superiority, trying to solve problems in Afghanistan and Iraq while rage and terror was growing in its cities ignored while set to explode as it has.

This is an opportunity for re birth and understanding, a chance to look inwards and ask how a generation of youth can go feral right under our noses, and ask how this problem can be fixed, because it can be fixed, as King David Rudder said “out of a muddy pond ten thousand flowers bloom”

Mas Assassin.

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