Monday, October 24, 2011

Rest in peace Geraldine Connor

Geraldine Connor
Internationally acclaimed Carnival Messiah artistic director Geraldine Connor succumbed to a heart attack in Harrowgate, Leeds, England, around midnight on Friday. Interviewed yesterday, renowned choreographer Carol La Chapelle said: “A few of us knew she was having problems with her health but her spirit remained strong to the end. We are still in shock at her passing. I just got off the phone with Peter Minshall.” La Chapelle added: “We have lost an iconic member of the artistic community. She was honoured in T&T last year; A place she visited annually and kept in touch.”

La Chapelle lamented she had died before they had concluded negotiations on reviving Carnival Messiah with Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Winston Peters. She said: “I was her right hand person in Trinidad for Carnival Messiah. She was constantly in touch with her Carnival Messiah family. There were big plans for Carnival Messiah.” Carnival Messiah was performed at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, and negotiations were ongoing for Round House. A landmark production, Carnival Messiah is a glowing exemplar of the Caribbean’s capacity for world class creativity.

About Connor

In 2008, Connor was honoured by her alma mater Diego Martin Secondary School. She received a doctorate in music and cultural studies from Leeds University. Connor’s credentials even  included a master’s in music, a licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music, a diploma in education. She was the daughter of Trinidadian parents Edric (singer and actor of Hollywood fame) and Pearl (theatrical agent).
Having lived and been schooled equally in the UK and T&T, she has brought with her a unique blend of experience and broad perspective to worldwide audiences. Carnival Messiah, which she conceived, authored and directed, was first produced by the West Yorkshire Playhouse in 1999 and 2002. It ran at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, in 2003 and 2004, and excerpts of the production were shown in and around the United Kingdom.

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