Monday, April 23, 2012


Last Friday, 'leaders of the new school' K2K, released their carnival 2013 theme, 'The Human Race on the social network site face book. A video posted on the bands facebook page is preceded with an observation of today's society "...In today's society, intense pressure is often placed upon us to conform. We are pressured into viewing life as succession of predefined steps and encouraged to race along a well-worn path leading to societal goals. These goals are often defined by achieving a career or professional post, a financial target or some sort of personal relationship status. Dictated by society, we accept these goals as our own and enter the great race to become "successful". However, we learn that the journey is a dynamic process; our objectives and motivations change due to societal pressures and from the knowledge we acquire along the way. "

Our theme for 2013 is called "The Human Race". This year, we are using a classic sporting tradition as an analogy for LIFE'S RACE. The theme is based on the principles of "self belief" and ultimately "forging one's own destiny".

So the plot thickens, as they mentioned they are using a classic sporting tradition as an analogy for life's race. So what can we expect?
The music and images in the beginning of the trailer definitely give of an Olympic feel to it, but then the horse race and the term 'hold tight to the reins' indicate a horse race, a sporting tradition that is historically identified with wealth and social position.

So will we be seeing highly stylised  headpieces, top hats and cravats  fashioned after those worn by the upper class, wealthy, and socially ambitious, as seen at the Royal Ascot?

Or will it be the the silk colours and symbols of the jockeys, whips, baggy pants, boots and matching helmets, like us racing in a quest to be celebrated by those in high society?

Time will tell...your guess is as good as mine, unless one of you 'in the know' fill me in. Until then...

ride to the side.
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