Friday, February 08, 2013

MAC FARLANE’S Carnival King of the Band, Gerard Weekes, continued to lead the pack in the semi-finals of the Kings of Carnival competition on Tuesday night, but the competition is getting closer.
 Gerard Weekes, the Mac Farlane band King, placed first in the semi-finals of
the National Carnival Kings competition on Tuesday night at the Queen's Park Savannah
COLOURFUL: Roland St George, last year's King, placed sixth in the semis.
As in the preliminaries, Weekes topped the field with his portrayal of a large dropping fish, entitled, “The Joy of Love & Friendship”. He earned 445 points, far less than the 460 points he was given by the judges in the preliminaries.

At the same time, some surprise contenders for the crown for the first time emerged on Tuesday night.

Prime among them was Roland St George, last year’s King, who only managed 13th place in the preliminaries. This time around, his “Rising of the Ancestors” – a large costume reminiscent of a cubist painting, featuring African masks – jumped seven places, taking sixth place.

Ronald Blaize, with “De Agony of Human Bondage”, also improved on his showing in the preliminaries taking second instead of third place. The costume was a crowd favourite with its dramatic depiction of slavery and the haunting skeletons of slaves.

Radcliff Forester’s “Creature of the Wonder Garden” also continued to close the gap on the Mac Farlane King, finishing at tenth place with 420 points. He had placed 18th in the preliminaries. In the Queens of Carnival competition, the status quo remained in place with Liselle Frauenfelder staying on top with “The Dance of Reconciliation”. Charmaine Enile made a big improvement, taking fifth place with “Symphony in G the Heavenly Mix”. She had placed 13 th in the preliminaries.


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