Thursday, April 25, 2013

KING SAILOR : An exhibition of sailor costumes at the National Museum P.O.S.

Exhibition opening: Monday 29th April at 2:00 pm at your National Museumand Art Gallery.*

In a statement about 'Mas Man', Dalton Narine’s recent documentary on hislife and art, mas genius Peter Minshall paid tribute, once again, to thefancy sailor character:
“The mas had made something truly original, like the surreal fancy sailor,like nothing you had ever seen or imagined, so different, this extension orwidening of the accepted terms of human apparel.”
Now, the National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago is pleasedto re-open our permanent Carnival Gallery with “King Sailor” – anexhibition of sailor costumes, drawings and photographs of the many avatarsof this seminal mas character.
In this show we present 'The Mt Hope Connection,' a Carnival archivebelonging to Keith Carrington and Keith Ramirez, whose Fancy Sailor bandhas been in existence for the past 29 years, although Carrington has been aKing Sailor since the 1960s.
According to Carrington, “The Mas camp is in Macoya. We move off from TheCorner of. Duke and Frederick Streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, andcontinue to partner with the St Michael Boys’ school. Since 2007 we havebeen participating in St Lucia’s Carnival, providing the only 70-strongSailor band accompanied by a steelband. We have many trophies at theband-house, we won Small Band of the Year three times.”
This exhibition also includes a series of discussions on “Archiving ourCarnival Arts”.  We hope this will encourage discussions and documentationof traditional Mas. The National Museum is committed to both thepreservation of the past carnival arts and the development of their futurein Trinidad and Tobago. 'The Mt Hope Connection' is a collaboration withThe *Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago*, which has documented andconserved part of the collection.

National Museum and Art Gallery
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