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Iris Van Herpen, she got mad skills! #Irisvanh...
Iris Van Herpen, she got mad skills! #Irisvanherpen
 #fashion #HauteCouture. via masassassin
I have always argued that young aspiring mas designers and many of the established ones too should stop looking at each other and recreating each others work, and look outside of Trinidad's Carnival for inspiration, and new expression.
Iris Van Herpen.
Look at science and technology, architecture, industrial design, Hollywood, Bollywood,  modern art, archeology the world is an ocean of inspiration of which any designer can gain new ideas and contribute to a creative rise in carnival art and even the so called industry.
Recently I have been looking at the works of  fashion designer Iris Van Herpen.
Van Herpen
graduated from the Art Institute of  Arnhem  ArtEZ in 2006 and worked for Alexander McQueen in London. In 2007 she presented her very own collection and is known for using modern technology such as 3D printers and the latest fabrics in her creative processes.

The following is an interview she did for DROME magazine  where
she talks about her creative process and influences and below that here 2013 collection 'Voltage'.


IN THE VAN #04 | Special Guest: IRIS VAN HERPEN | a project by DROME magazine from PHLEGMATICS on Vimeo.
IN THE VAN #04 | Special Guest: IRIS VAN HERPEN

a project by DROME magazine

text by Giulia Fasanella
photos and video by Jacopo Pergameno
music by Databhi
special thanks: MAXXI, IED

In The Van is the new project by DROME magazine, born from the necessity to let discover the most fresh and promising creative personalities in fashion, knocking on the doors of their studios.
It starts from Rome, the city that gave birth to the magazine.
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