Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Papua New Guinea sing sing festival

Adeola Dewis posted this fascinating video of the’ sing sing festival’ in Papaw New Guinea on her facebook group ‘Mama this is mas'. Almost immediately you can draw parallels between the traditions of these South West Pacific people and Trinidad’s carnival,  within the first 20 seconds we see a procession that resembles a mas band and a group of musicians playing what Trinidadians understand to be Tamboo Bamboo, that percussion instrument that preceded the steel pan.

This got me thinking, what are the origins of the Tamboo Bamboo? Assuming African descendants in Trinidad started using it after the banning of the skin drums, what and whose tradition influenced this choice of instrument, and how is it that the people from Papaw New Guinea have similar instruments? Not only that, the guy in the video says these traditions precede a fight over land, women, or pigs, which once again this draws parallels to the old steel pan clashes which were also over territory and at any time a woman...

These rituals of power, run deeper than we think...
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