Thursday, January 30, 2014

A tribute to Mas

Carnival is not a seasonal profession for Paul Singh but a year round job. 
Singh is the bandleader of Dream Team Carnival. This year its presentation, is called, I AM, a tribute to Singh’s deceased father, Ranjit who was the first Indian dance troupe leader to perform on local television in the early 60s.
I AM, honors the work and accomplishments of Singh’s father and is also the inspiration for its 2014 presentation. There are 12 sections, this year: Radiance, Exotica, Rhythm, Passion, Bacchanal, Carnival, Savage Innocence, Tribal, Bacchus, Poseidon, Freedom and Galactic Warrior.

At this moment the sections Rhythm and Savage Innocence are sold out.
 He said, “2014 is the first year Dream Team will be making a serious effort at taking part in the actual competition aspect of the
Tuesday parade and we are very optimistic about making it to the top based on the presentation and the impressive number of large designs that will be forming part of the band together with the proposed choreography and overall presentation.”
The past seven years has seen continuous growth for Dream Team, he said. Some of its past presentations include: Rhythmnation, Bejeweled, One, Gems of the World, The Art of Dance, Untamed and Flashback.

He said, “Our masquerader base is made up of mostly young professionals between ages 17 and 35 years old so we plan and present our band to satisfy this market. Our disc jockeys and performers also fall within that bracket. Dream Team Carnival competes in the Large Band category and although we have won countless prizes during our existence, our most satisfying was third place in the large category at the Downtown Carnival Competition in 2011 and Band of the Day in 2007.”

The Dream Team Carnival committee was formed in July 2006 by Singh who was one of the managers in charge of logistics for the now dissolved band Poison. 
SOURCE: Trinidad Express
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