Friday, January 24, 2014

‘Olympians’ set to defend

Like the chords of a well-tuned instrument, diverse yet all working together to create one harmonious sound, Aaron Kalicharan and his family are highly confident that their 2014 presentation, Beats has a shot of winning Band of the Year yet again.

They will be defending their title since last year’s presentation, Rise of the Olympians’ which showcased Greek mythology, cleverly held off all challengers in San Fernando.
They have won the title 19 times in South and have had the privilege to represent Trinidad and Tobago around the world. Performing for the presidents of India and Zambia, the Fifth Summit of the

Zulu Black, another section from
Kalicharan’s 2014 presentation.
Americas and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to name a few, Kalicharan has also had the distinct honour to outfit many Miss Trinidad and Tobago queens with Carnival costumes for the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants.

This year’s presentation, Beats is comprised of eight sections which are as follows: Pink Samba, Neon Techno, Purple Jazz, Red Arabian, Zulu Black, Yellow Chutney, Teal Soca and Brown Lakota.
He said, “We always wanted to do something relating to music; however we did it with a twist. In that we wanted to depict the look and feel of the different beats associated with different types of music.”

Two of the sections offer the all-inclusive experience Lakota and Soca costing $2,600 for the female costume and $2,300 for the male. Overall, prices range from $1,350 to $1,600 for regular sections.
Kalicharan is the son of mas veterans Ivan and Wendy Kalicharan. The family has been doing mas presentations since 1983 and has had a consecutive winning streak since 2007. Finding a rhythm and groove that has given them the momentum and edge over some of their competitors, the family band remains one of the leading mas bands in San Fernando.
He said, “Our band is different firstly because it’s a family unit. Long standing for the last 35 years; we have a family atmosphere in our band. The togetherness we have our masqueraders feel as though they are a part of the Kalicharan family.”
He said, “Our vision for the next three years is to continue being a leader in the South Carnival as well as allowing our masqueraders to be a part of the joy and excitement associated with Trinidad Carnival.”

Kalicharan won the Carnival King title in San Fernando in 2000 with his presentation “Triumph & Glory” and in 2009 with his presentation “Spirit of The Ocean” which were both designed by Follette Eustace. In 2003 both Kalicharan and his mother won the King and Queen of the Bands respectively in San Fernando both costumes again designed by Eustace. They created history that year by being the first mother and son to take the title at the same time.
The band’s tag line and vision for 2014 is “The beats of music; the rhythm of a people; bringing a nation together”.

Currently Teal Soca, one of their all-inclusive sections is sold out and as the excitement of the Carnival season builds, the family expects even more sections to quickly fill up.

By Kimoy Leon Sing
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