Sunday, February 23, 2014

MISS MILES, A Band On Corruption

MISS MILES, A Band On Corruption, conceived by Tony Hall, designed byPeter Minshall, features Cecilia Salazar with general consultancy and 'Corruption' theme song by Wendell ManwarrenRoger Roberts and Stanton Kewley (3canal), general consultancy and production supervision by Meiling, general consultancy Trevor Jadunath. 

Registration: 33 Murray St, Woodbrook. 5pm to 9pm daily.
Tel: 1-868-681-7475 Email:

MISS MILES, Mas Corruption, in the manner of Traditional Mas, is based on the new character in the pantheon of traditional mas characters, the elegant, defiant MISS MILES the Woman of the World. This mas, called 'The Woman of the World' was first played, by that ‘whistle blower for all seasons' Gene Miles herself, in the Trinidad Carnival of the early nineteen seventies. In 2014 Man, Woman and Child will play MISS MILES. They will discover and celebrate MISS MILES 'the fashionista' to be found within themselves. They will perform their own 'political resistance' to corruption through playing their own MISS MILES.
A short drama, presented in the Gayelle (The Sacred Circle), will feature a few key characters based on the struggle Ms. Gene Miles waged against corruption throughout her life (1930-1972). This piece of street theatre will be presented in the circle from time to time as the band proceeds along its merry way. MISS MILES, A Band On Corruption, continues the A Band On . . . series with which Lordstreet Theatre Companystarted in 1990. MISS MILES, Mas Corruption, a LORDSTREET LiME for street, is produced by Lordstreet and Break-a-Leg Productions. 

MISS MILES - The Face of Carnival 2014
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