Friday, September 22, 2006


Now those who know me know i doh have no great love for the so called fun bands,while their contrbutions to the mas bands can never go without notice i always fear their commerical , or money over culture angle to the mas game .
However these bands put out some websites that are sometimes more creative and imaginative than the bands themselves.

This year with the demise or transformation, of POISON, and the birth of bands like PULSE8 and DREAMTEAM, together with leaders of the new school TRIBE and ISLAND PEOPLE,I think its safe to say there is a new battle of the bands going on...... a kind of commerical battle.
I mean look at the PULSE8 site the theme is Cocktails well enough the theme of a bar is there but man i wonder how much the sponser and dem pay to have dey brands plasterd all over the place?

Is ah mas but not as we know it.

In my book of battle of the fun bands, ISLAND PEOPLE WIN HANDS DOWN.
I mean to let the truth be told the designs are hot ....not all some, but they hot,the website mashup TRIBES, by a mile in my opinion,and last Carnival TRIBE was running things with theirs, but this year....they drop a spot to rivals IP ,I mean TRIBE have a theme that for me is spot on, GREAT THEME!, but the execution hangs between luke warm and hottish the FIREMAN section being the best they got next year.

IP however seems to have lifted their game for 2K7 i have not read the book that they got the theme from, but the costumes are nice the topper for the year in my opinion being the red white and black "NUBIANS" to me that is the iconic mas of 2k7 thus far , its beauty is simple and most effective, the females headpeice/crown is fitting of a Carnival Queen .
The male costume while as the modern tradition goes is weaker than the females ,but that red.....(if not touchedup on photoshop), gives the section an unbeatable look.
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