Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trevor Wallace Wayne Berkley On the Catwalk with Bob Mackie

As an aspiring designer myself, the Master of the Art form that is Mas, Wayne Berkley has over the years proven himself to be one of the all time greatest
Mas men in the history of he game. And he has a track record that spans 30 plus years and a number of Band of the Year titles and Queen of Carnival titles to prove it.

Although in recent times sickness has slowed him down, and since he started designing for Trevor Wallace in the medium band category, I felt that the themes and the designing style of the master was some how fading, and not as inspirational as he used to be, this saddened me a bit because his style of design which was always stylish and glamorous, also stuck to the theme ,with substance, creativity, and originality, now seemed to stick in a time loop of the early nineties and I began to think the Legend was finished.

However Berkley’s designs for Carnival 2K7, seem to reflect a revival in Berkley’s flair, originality, and style, that made him the legend that he is in the Carnival Arena.

Parfait D'Amor

It might be their theme of choice “ON THE CATWALK with Bob Mackie” that has triggered this spike in his Carnival design bar chart.

Mackie famous for his costume designs for Cher and on Barbie dolls has an elegant style , that for me is very similar to that of a designer called “Erte” who had a very strong influence on Berkley.
I don’t have much pics of Mackie’s work but the use of beading ,fabric, and style in Erte, and Mackie’s design is also very strong in the work of Berkley.

Any way the original masquerader blogger Saucy has great pics of the launch and others can be seen on carnivalscene.com, its great to see Berkley’s form get closer to his past levels of mas perfection.

laterz. Peace ..

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